It seems like you laid the foundation for the argument that ‘content’ (described as reproducible, standardizable, requirable, and maybe add measurable) became a useful tool for maintaining the status quo or advancing the needs of the existing power structures. Smart enough to get to heaven and dumb enough to want to get there?

Seems like ‘content’, as a reproduced, standardized, required, measurable thing, emerged organically as it proved itself useful to the task of advancing the needs of the existing power structures. If you are suggesting we open up the definition of ‘content’ to include forms of content like discussion and creation that cannot be ‘pre-built’ but that emerge, we will need to consider if those forms of emergent content will also become standardizable, requirable, and measurable and also serve the needs of existing power structures. Or is the nature of emergent content different enough, if we embrace it, that it will take us down a different road?