Rhizo14 – The MOOC that community built

This discussion paper was originally posted in the “International Journal for Innovation and Quality in Learning” which is now not on the internet. With the “learning resilience” Open course starting up in a few weeks (you can sign up at that link if you like), I thought it might be interesting to repost this and … Continue reading “Rhizo14 – The MOOC that community built”

Building an introductory physics course – cMOOC meets xMOOC

Problem: How do we create a free, online introductory physics course for students transitioning into AP (advanced placement) or first year introductory physics? Solution: Lets get all the physics teachers we can together and build it as a team. Yeah but…: lots of those folks may be good physics teachers but they haven’t all taught … Continue reading “Building an introductory physics course – cMOOC meets xMOOC”

Some things MOOCs are good for

Now that we’ve gone up and down the panic adoption curve for MOOCs it seems like it’s possible to talk about them with a bit more remove. It’s been 5 years since the first MOOC (so called) and my chance inclusion on that first CCK (connectivism and connective knowledge) course by Stephen and George has … Continue reading “Some things MOOCs are good for”

MOOC to cultivate networked textbook Part 2 – experience U a practical example

Because we had nothing else to do, we launched a new (maybeM)OOC this week. It’s called Experience U and it’s intended for first time university students. You can check it out at http://xpu.ca. It will hopefully help address the many, many questions that students have in preparing themselves for the university experience. I tried to … Continue reading “MOOC to cultivate networked textbook Part 2 – experience U a practical example”

MOOCs to cultivate networked textbooks part 1

I’ve been banging up against this idea both for a paper and for the xedbook… and I’ve finally decided that I’m going to need to blog it out before it makes any clear sense to me. I have some vague ideas and bits of evidence, but I’d love to send it out to you guys … Continue reading “MOOCs to cultivate networked textbooks part 1”

Rhizomatic Learning and MOOCs – Assessment

I received a question on twitter today about one of my favourite fist slamming on the table topics, assessment, and figured i would use the opportunity to put down a few thoughts about rhizomatic learning and how it impacts the way I see MOOCs. (post/pre-script) This post has taken on a rather anthemic tone… i … Continue reading “Rhizomatic Learning and MOOCs – Assessment”

20 questions (and answers) about MOOCs

I was asked by the excellent Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach to speak to her PLP class about MOOCs, and, while we had what i thought was an excellent forty minute chat, there were tons of comments that i never had the chance to address. As i look over the questions they asked, I see that in answering … Continue reading “20 questions (and answers) about MOOCs”

Seeing rhizomatic learning and MOOCs through the lens of the Cynefin framework

The Change11 course has brought me many realizations, but none so useful as the Cynefin framework. As i suggested in my last post, i’ve been working on bringing it into my decision making at my day job. In the last four weeks it’s occurred to me that it is also an excellent way to help … Continue reading “Seeing rhizomatic learning and MOOCs through the lens of the Cynefin framework”

Change11 MOOC – First six weeks of 2012

Ah… the ever increasingly misnamed change11. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a journey that i’ve been less prepared for… and still gotten so much out of. It’s been a season of change for me, I’ve moved houses, spent two months involved in our schools future discussion as an informal consultant, and have tried … Continue reading “Change11 MOOC – First six weeks of 2012”

Change MOOC ebook – The textbook as product and artifact

The idea of a MOOC was really a response to something that was already happening. I was talking to Stephen Downes and George Siemens in the summer of 2008 after their landmark CCK08 course had crossed the 1500 mark in registration (i think it ended north of 2300) and they asked me to play along … Continue reading “Change MOOC ebook – The textbook as product and artifact”