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As a change leader, an educational researcher and learning community advocate I have spent the last twenty years trying to make education better. I have lead teams in k12, college and university environments. I have published on open education, Rhizomatic Learning, MOOCs (Massive/Open Online Courses), and the impact of technology on the future of high education.

My keynotes in the last couple of years have centred around how coming to know is a messy, imprecise process at once intensely individual and necessarily embedded in a community – Rhizomatic Learning. You can follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/davecormier and check out him out at http://youtube.com/davecormier

51 thoughts on “Who’s Dave?”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I work for the Book Industry Study Group. We’re planning a conference for higher ed publishers in Feb 2013 in NYC and someone suggested a presentation on MOOC might be interesting. I’d love to explore the idea with you. Perhaps there’s something we can do that would make sense for our audience of 125-150 higher ed publishers.

    Thanks in advance!

    Angela Bole
    Deputy Executive Director
    Book Industry Study Group, Inc.

  2. Hi Dave,

    just wanted to let you know that it seems like Innovate has gone under – the domain points to an ad portal. If that’s the case, I’m sure you’d be permitted to host a copy of the journal article – otherwise people won’t be able to find it.


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  4. Dave,

    I am working on an idea for an interdisciplinary studies course for adult ed in Ontario. The idea would be to create a survey of interests and using the bank of “lessons” from other courses, effectively create a new one with the Interdisciplinary Studies Curriculum to guide assessment. It would seem the conversation around rhizomatic learning could provide parts of an essential framework in terms of assessment. Being that it would be continuous intake, some of the “community” elements would be challenging.

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