Web 2.0 (from tim o’reilley) is no more.


A rabid man took over my blog and posted a very silly comment… which, for posterities sake, I will leave attached to the end of the post. I must say, a couple of hours later, that i’m still a little concerned about the o’reilly thing. It always seems that someone will send out something trademarkish, demanding and limiting when there’s money involved. I’ve never really understood the reification of ideas.

So much has already been written about this… i really do need to take a day and think it over. for those of you who were forced to read the previous post… my apologies. dave.

Web 2.0 (from tim o’reilley) is a concept that, at its web 2.0 (ftor) heart, is a concept that lives and breathes on its (ftor) openness.

You’ve got to be fcuknig kidding me.

That is officially the first time i’ve ever sworn in this blog. But this is rediculous. A trademark is something that should protect WORK done. I can’t even write.

And now he wants to trademark it.

fine. poop on him.

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