The last five weeks of change11 – How do you live and learn online?

We’re reaching the end of the marathon that has been the change11 mooc. When looking back over the close to thirty weeks we’ve been in this so far… no. I’m not going to. We need to finish. And finish strong. Who’s with me? We’ve got some really excellent guest hosts left. We’ve got some really good ideas to talk about.

Burnt out on the change11 mooc? Lets imagine that we’re doing Change12… Like were starting over with a five week MOOC. This week…

Diana Laurillard – Digital support for teaching as a design science
Come now. She’s famous in education circles. check out this profile. Definitely worth your time!

George Siemens – Sensemaking, wayfinding, networks, and analytics
I find it hard to say nice thing about George that he will read, but I promise you that whatever he does will make you think. His perspectives on sensemaking and wayfinding were worked out in his recently finished PhD, and he’s been working on networks all over the world. Worth it. check.

George Veletsianos – Scholars’ online participation and practices
What are academics doing in online public spaces? What are their intentions and what are their fears? Are faculty members’ altruistically sharing information on social media for the benefit of the community in which they belong? Or, is information-sharing a self-serving activity?
You need to know the answer to these questions, clearly. worth it. check.

Bonnie Stewart – Digital Identities & Subjectivities
Bonnie’s work on on identity and the web on her blog and on MOOCs in University of Venus continue to push the boundaries of our understanding of ourselves as learning beings online. You need that. worth it. check.

Terry Anderson – Open Scholarship
Canada research chair in distance Ed. Runs IRRODL, and is on the editorial board of a bunch of other open journals. He’s been working and publishing in this space at a huge level for years. check.

What can we do in Five weeks? – Plan your digital future

Forget that #change11 started a year ago. Forget that you may or may not have been engaged in every (or any) weeks so far. We have diverse and excellent speakers all talking about how we live and learn online. Here’s my challenge to you…

Track your own design approach, your sensemaking practices, your approach to scholarship and performing identity. Blog about it. Who are you as a learner, as an teacher, formal or otherwise.

How do you live and learn online?

And tag it #change11

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3 thoughts on “The last five weeks of change11 – How do you live and learn online?”

  1. Yep, you’ve got me….. the last leg (or first leg) with some great speakers. A couple I’ve been particularly looking forward to hearing. Learning online at times demands some resilience, perseverance and plain sweat….

    ‘hey all hearkened to his wisdom and in their souls a hope was lit. And with his words still ringing in their ears they marched …onwards to the last 5 weeks’ (apologies to Bloodhorn)

  2. I’ve lost track of the weeks. When is Diana Laurillard’s Collaborate session? Her web post has phantom links so is a bit of a tease/initiative test.

  3. Sounds like a plan. I lost track long ago; not long after that, I stopped worrying about it, catching what I can when I can. Bon and George I’ve been following and would even without a course to nudge me. As for the rest, some are more familiar than others. I’ll revisit the familiar and check out the others. Your recommendations have always stood me in good stead. Running 6+ blogs, I may not post (working out a way to address that is on my list) but will try to comment instead of just thinking about posts to myself and then forgetting what I was thinking.

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