Feedbook – 1 month anniversary

After a month of reading people’s responses and thinking the idea of a feedbook over in my head, I’d like to sort of address the issue again. There are, as I see it, two issues that are of interest to people… the first is, how exactly is this going to look when it’s done and the second, is what are the implications of doing it.

In addition to the freshness of the material, the multiplicity of voice and perspective and the fact that your textbook will never be out of date, one of the first things that would happen is a decentralization of the instructor. While the instructor would usually be responsible for the basic set of links (although I believe I’m going to be in a class soon where we start with none) gone will be the rabbit out of a hat magic that comes from controlling the flow of knowledge. Students will actually be able to add to that flow of knowledge as their research brings up new sources of course material.

What’s it going to look like
Some of the ideas I read and have been discussing are…

  • You could just use an open source aggregator like rssowl on each person’s desktop
  • bloglines
  • [http://planet.eduforge.org/ eduforge] has a an example very close to what the content of my own feedbook would look like
  • So far the solution I like best is a combination of delicious and some program or website. I’m currently playing with [http://aggrssive.net aggrssive] a great little product from UBC but the install is giving me some problems – i doesn’t come with instructions.
  • My ideal would be to plug del.icio.us into elgg. That would be my dreamteam for the feedbook…

If you wish, post your responses and additions here, or go over to the wiki

Some of the more interesting comments on feedbooks…

Scott Wilson OPML is fine if its just resources being shared; FOAF:Group with dublin core metadata is a better model when mixing both resource information and participant information

Hanoi ICT I think the feedbook might partly be a solution to my attempt to introduce VLE in the IMIH project. What if Ms Quy and myself set up a blog on the integration of ICT in education that is translated into Vietnamese by Ms Hong (possibly in collaboration with other VVOB project on the integration of ICT in education in HCM).

Gardner Campbell I’m thinking that college is now the opportunity not only to begin one’s personal library, but also to build one’s personal suite of trusted and inspiring experts. That of course is what already happens to some extent, but now it need not be confined to the campus. The campus is where the beloved local professor simply starts the ball rolling.

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2 Responses to “Feedbook – 1 month anniversary”

  1. Martha Burtis Says:

    Your comment inspired me to take a look at ELGG. I’m intrigued, not only in light of the feedbook conversation but because of how it seems like such a compelling e-portfolio solution.

    The FOAF component is particularly intriguing–and one that I think students could get very excited about.

    Thanks for pointing me towards this!


  2. Josh Forest Says:
    A common interest in aggrssive brings me by. I have searched UBC site and net for installation info, and found the feedbook.org wiki in the meantime.

    I would like to know if you get aggrssive up and running public. I have found it odd that the two main aggressive installs – aggrssive.net and the one at olt.ubc.ca have undirected links at the top. Searching UBC I find very little docs on the project.

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3 thoughts on “Feedbook – 1 month anniversary”

  1. I don’t know if you ever gave up on aggRSSive. I must have been in a haze when this was written — in any event, a new version is nearing completion and I’ll try to remember to drop you a line when it is ready.

    And you are right, the documentation on aggRSSive sucks. That’s my fault, I simply have been pulled in other directions. I would be happy to talk with you about it soon. I’m also supposed to put some presentation/workshop materials together which may help.

    I dropped the ball on getting in touch with you a few times a few months back. Not intentional slights — some of the misconnections were downright comical. Please accept my apologies on that.

    And congrats on Oscar! Here’s wishing you sleep-filled nights.

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