Server Mayhem, google cache and this blog


well well…

The worldbridges server died. Long live the worldbridges server. We lost everything. No backups. All 125 websites, all the blog posts, content, forum posts, audio… everything. We just had the stuff we had scattered on our computers. I spent that whole of Monday morning mourning all the work we’ve done over the last few years… thinking about the nine years of work for Jeff. And every twenty minutes or so i thought of another person, someone with a course on the server, or with their personal website, a band or whatever, and i felt worse. So much good stuff gone.

One of the most personal losses for me was this blog. I was devastated. The only consistent writing i’ve ever done. The last six months of my practice recorded and lost. All the incoming links everything gone. And then i found the wonder of google cache.

First – back up your system. right now. i’m not kidding. go back it up. you can lose everything too. back it up!

Second – after ignoring my advice and losing (or being close to it, Ewan you know who you are) go to google and put in and click on the little cache buttons underneath the entries.

Third – spend a very long time copy and pasting.

voila – a blog ressurected.

I’m sorry if some of you just got 43 posts from the feed. I am incredibly sorry to any and all of our people who lost work, i wish there was more i could do. I wish you all good luck with your stuff…


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7 thoughts on “Server Mayhem, google cache and this blog”

  1. Oh man – I’ve had this happen, and I feel your pain. When I moved hosts for one site about a year ago, I lost about a year of work (nothing financially critical, but a lot of my writing as well as the writing of some others). I felt like I’d lost a friend.

    I hope your efforts (and the efforts of others) at rebuilding are successful. Maybe we should all start loading everything onto Google Base? ;^D

  2. I now export on a daily basis to a text file that I can upload and which reinstates blog, comments but not the files. Has Google Cache been able to get your files back, too? If there’s anything I can do to help let me know.

  3. no… but we had most of those on our computers. We were also able to recover various graphical artifacts at the internet archive. Not much of a replacement for a backup 🙂

  4. Man I am really sorry about the loss of what was really a great resouce. I enjoyed so much listening to old programs. They were so accessible. Start again please. In a year or less a great library will be rebuilt. All the old stuff would be out of date in time anyway. It’s the new stuff that needs to be captured and archived, starting now. You guys were and are still top of the heap now. Climb on back to the top, go for it.

  5. Same thing happened to me about 2 months ago, it was just my personal website/blog etc but I had about 2 years worth of entries and it just gutted me, google had cached some of the pages so I am currently rebuilding, but some seem to have disapeared forever.

    Google Cache how I love thee.

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