The LMS/PLE die debate

Now that was a podcast. Took a while to kick in, the first 40-50 minutes included alot of babbling by yours truly with some pretty cool backchannel action, and then the inestimable Barbara Sawhill came in and started taking names. Harold joined in along with Art Gelwicks Jeff Flynn and I and we debated the place of the LMS, the PLE in terms of privacy, the real and whether the whole damn this is just a waste of time.

I gotta say, this debate is really working its way in my mind. Just put ‘die lms’ into google and see what happens. Leigh has started one of those meme viruses i heard about at the pop tech conference. And with good reason i think. I’m not yet sure that i agree with him, i’ve yet to either get a direct answer to my objections (my fault, as George Siemens said, i more implied (think he meant babbled) rather than expressly stated them) or managed to get my mind around the implications of the the exit of the LMS. Let’s do a little imagining…

Leigh Blackall kills the LMS

in other news… PLE on its deathbed

The LMS was found dead this morning, slain by a series of determined attacks by a group of blog wearing thugs lead by Leigh Blackall… The classroom has been left without any place to put their grades, to forum, to wiki, to read and hand in their assignments. Teachers everywhere are throwing caution to the wind, and spreading out over the internet. An assignment popped up in the footer of, was swamped with 6 year olds looking for a pen pal and has started it’s own internet ethics course based on a discussion of the follies of others.“Really!”, was all Josie Fraser was able to harrumph when she found 50957 comments in her last edtechuk post all from 14 year olds claiming to have an ‘educational blog’ and therfore demanding their chance to vote for themselves in the edublog awards.

“Chaos is on the march,” an anonymous Blackall was reported to have blogged, “and not the silly anarchic chaos either, the real kind, the kind that my quantum mechanics prof used to talk about.” Leigh’s blog is currently down, of course, as the influx of 35 million new members have done the blogger service in for the forseeable future.

(unfortunately, i must run… more news tomorrow… any alternative interpretations?)

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2 Responses to “The LMS/PLE die debate”

  1. Harold Jarche Says:
    Alternative Interpretation (à la Kafka):

    Microsoft announces “free” LMS with every Windows server package [see EULA for details]. The Blackweb system, based on .NET will be available to qualified educational institutions [does not include support costs]. Administrators of universities and school boards are flocking to the new deal and MSFT stock just rose 15 points.

    No actual students were available for comment as they were too busy on LiveJournal, Blogger, Xanga, Flickr and other points of interest outside the firewall.

  2. Leigh Blackall Says:
    Ste-ruth! This is great role play. I’m still catching up with all the talk (currently downloading mp3.. sorry I missed the show, am still tuning my timetable in).

    adding my bit:

    After many decades complaining about going to school, kids all across Australia were freed today after the minister for education recognised that the schools were succeeding only in holding kids back, exposing them to bullying and teacher sadism, and other anti social development.

    “As from today, schools will play a different role in society” said the Minister, “teachers will be given more ‘free’ time, but will be expected to be on call to their students 24/7. Classrooms will be open to the community, and teachers are now expected to invest that new free time in developing stronger digital litteracies to help the community. The ministry and I will work towards establishing free wireless internet accross the regions. Sporting clubs, scouting associations, home schooling communities, and other groups servicing social development will be encouraged to work more directly with the schools so as to coordinate flexible time tables of activities for kids to engage with. Complimenting all this will be a strong media campaign from my department” –


    I just woke up.

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