MySpace at School Watch – update

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So it continues.

  • Waden [the mother] said she made clear on a consent form at the start of the school year that her 15-year-old daughter was not to be allowed Internet access. But the girl used the school computers to access the Web site, where she met 18-year-old Michael Macbeth.

two ways to read it. You can say “damn you my space! What about the children.” or you can take to heart the lesson that kids that are protected from a thing, and not taught how to deal with a thing, a at greater risk. see blog post over at will richardson

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115 thoughts on “MySpace at School Watch – update”

  1. these dont work i need new web sites 🙁
    i need MYSPACE!!

  2. proxies are blocked at my school! 🙁
    Luckily, I’m not a pathetic myspace addict. But it would be nice to get on every once in a while. (I don’t have internet at home.)

    What the heck is a command prompt? Where is it? (Look at comment #46)

    By the way, teenagers posting comments on here, bad spelling such as “thanx, or plz, omg, sux” etc. doesn’t help your case that myspace should be allowed at school. Because it makes you look dumb when you can’t spell, so why would they unblock it so you can socialize, which, may I remind you, you can do on the phone or in person!

  3. i think that myspace should be allowed at schools but only at like lunchs and thats it because at lunch kids should be allowed to do what ever they want at i always want to got on myspace and i know there is a code but i dont know what the fucj it is so they should just fucking alow the fucking myspace thing at school come on it is a good thing

  4. To wats her face, Kendra, bitch u need to learn y people spell like that!!!! It doesnt mean that they dont know how to spell, it just means that its a shorter way to spell wateva they need to say, so stop ridin dey back hoe!! I feel wat everybody is sayin on this thing except 4 dat wack ass bitch Kendra!! MySpace is not a bad thing to get on just because that stupid trick think they wont let us on because we cant spell, its really b cuz we wont b focused on wat we really need to be focused on but wat they dont know is that it gives us an opportunity to meet new people!

  5. that is the only way i kno how to get on mysoace at school u guys and gurls should try this website and see if it work for u guys cause it works for me

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