EURODL – Edublogging as research… i love it.

warning – dave is feeling a little tickled with himself today… humour him please. that is all.

I always pay a little closer attention to my stats numbers at the start of the month as they are a little easier to navigate through (they update monthly on the package that i usually use). I came across this article from the European Journal of Open, Distance and E-learning.

  • English AbstractThe article argues that it is necessary to move e-learning beyond learning management systems and engage students in an active use of the web as a resource for their self-governed, problem-based and collaborative activities. The purpose of the article is to discuss the potential of social software to move e-learning beyond learning management systems. An approach to use of social software in support of a social constructivist approach to e-learning is presented, and it is argued that learning management systems do not support a social constructivist approach which emphasizes self-governed learning activities of students. The article suggests a limitation of the use of learning management systems to cover only administrative issues. Further, it is argued that students’ self-governed learning processes are supported by providing students with personal tools and engaging them in different kinds of social networks.

If you scroll down and check out the references, you’ll notice this little blog hangin’ out with some of the cool guys of the edubloggypodonlineosphere.

All referenced for the work they’ve been doing on their blogs. Partially for a conversation we all got into a few months ago around the long-term viability of LMSs. It opposes many of the views I’ve seen from some people at my University and many people elsewhere that blogging is the province of the lunatic fringe. That does not, of course, mean that all blogs are interesting, factual or useful to a large number of people… just that they can be.

As for a review of the article itself? Let me read it a few more times.


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5 thoughts on “EURODL – Edublogging as research… i love it.”

  1. thanks for drawing my attention to this…

    my one lament is .. where are all the women? Is it that at some level, blogging suits men more than women? Or is it broader than that, in so much as ICT alienates women? Here in AU, our enrolment of girls/women is ICT courses has gone from the giddy heights of 22% of the enrolled populationn and is now falling again, presently at 17% of the enrolled population…

    I’d be interested in people’s

  2. It’s a very important point. I can actually think of a really great group of women bloggers… (the blogher conference comes to mind) The specific conversation cited in that article was from a debate that circled around the world through the edubloggosphere. Fully half of the few edublogs I never miss are by women, so i guess i don’t always notice the discrepency… There is something about the debate in blogging that does suit the way men are socialized in some countries… i suppose as much of the development (by no means all) has been done by men that should not be surprising.

    Sounds like a great topic for an edtechtalk. Waddaya think Janet, wanna put a show together to talk about it?

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