The Open Course: Brand and Community ROI

Well… I expect the title might be a bit of a surprise. About six months ago, I sent in an application to an ‘innovation forum’ in new brunswick on the possibilities of the MOOC or, what I would now call an open course (a mooc being something that happens to you rather than something you can create) to support innovation in the digital economy. Well.. they accepted my presentation. I’ll be going to the conference in October, and I’m still not sure what I’m expecting to get out of the adventure.

On Tuesday I’m going to be presenting to a panel of ‘trainers’ and they’re going to tell me how to do my presentation properly (wonder how that’s going to go 😛 ) They set up an entire training event to help people talk to business people about their ideas. I’m not sure I’m exactly what they had in mind… but I’m excited to learn a bit more about a new process… and to see how some of the ideas I”ve been working on for years sound to people entirely out of my field.

Take a listen if you’ve got the time, and feedback. Even if that feedback includes the word ‘sell out’. 🙂 I think engagement is important, and no one serious about their ideas only presents to the converted. Hope they don’t have any pitchforks

Edactive Presentation

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3 thoughts on “The Open Course: Brand and Community ROI”

  1. Dave, I wonder if a hypothetical case study would help to make the concepts more concrete for this audience?
    One other small point– many business people hear the word “course” and can only associate concepts of “skills training” with it. You might try to expand the idea that an open course would have very different expectations, dynamics and outcomes. And how these differences are critical to innovation.

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