Managing to know – a tale of cave paintings, eportfolios, printing press and PLE

visual representation of the talk by @giuliaforsythe

The above image was done by @giuliaforsythe during my ‘eportfolio’ presentation at the university of guelph. It was done on an ipad, a la @ninmah (ninmah). The talk (slides below) was an attempt to set a context for the idea of creating a portfolio. It starts talking about the idea of cave paintings as community knowledge, and then the iliad (represented by the colosseum from troy) and how we used to keep knowledge in the community memory. The change in the technology, first the book, and then the technology… and what that means. What opportunities does the ‘e’ provide?

The answer presented is two fold… One is the new tension (and maybe not so new) between analytics and read/write. Many people were very swayed by folks who suggested that we should be aiming for an authentic experience… a collaborative one. How, then, do we apply any analytics to that? How do we assess it? It’s an important tension, and a constant battle i think.

The other is the addition of that idea of ‘connection‘ to the portfolio. DaVinci’s portfolio is awesome, but it is not connected. The technology wasn’t there.

The idea of curation. Curation has certainly always been a part of collecting things, but with things ‘e’ it is tempting to not organize them as well as you are forced to with paper. Paper enforces a certain organization… a certain curation. The computer does not. It needs much more focus.

Most importantly, we need to focus on it being important. If work isn’t important, it is nothing. Learning to do things in a disconnected, unthoughtful way is not learning. It’s brainwashing.

Hopefully i’ll get a chance to do an audio track for the slideshare… we’ll see. 🙂

Many thanks to @kylemackie, @richardgorrie and company for being such great hosts.

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