– An Elgg for Teacher collaboration

Alex and Arvind have set up an elgg at Go sign up. Join the party.

The thing that i’ve always loved about elgg is that the onus is on the participant. If you wish to join a community, you need to go and find that community and join it. If the community isn’t there, create it. If you need a private party, create a group.

Some quick notes for newbies

  1. If you want to know what going on right away (after you’ve signed up) click ‘my blog’ ‘view all posts’ that will give you all the public posts on the website
  2. Do not be afraid to form communities. They are the heart and soul of how the software works. If you find someone who has tagged something the same as you (which you can tell if your link becomes ‘clickable’) then start a community and contact them. Collaboration of this kind is what elgg is all about.
  3. Do not be afraid to join communities. If someone wants to keep a community exclusive (for whatever reason… i don’t really suggest this unless its necessary) they can just moderate it. Otherwise, they ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE. Feel free to drop in.
  4. You need to post to be noticed. If you find that you aren’t getting much out of your experience, its because you haven’t posted (and tagged)
  5. Tag everything, all the time. Don’t know how to tag? just write something in the tags box. If you think something’s a tag, odds are, someone else will too.
  6. Click all the buttons. Take some time to click everything on the site. Set aside a half an hour… its the best way to ‘get acquainted.’ Don’t start with a goal in mind, just wander through the software.
  7. And, as always, JUST ASK.
  8. anything else to add folks?

The worldbridges community (and edtechtalk) are very fortunate to have people like Alex and Arvind on the team (as well as twenty or so other people I can think of). I really think this plan has a great chance of going somewhere special. Join up.

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One thought on “ – An Elgg for Teacher collaboration”

  1. Good point Dave. Don’t be afraid to ask and know that people are looking for people to discuss and brainstorm these many good ideas on board in this group! Nice to see it growing.

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